Channeling the Rage

Yesterday, the U.S. House of Representatives voted in favor of a horrible health care bill that will strip hundreds of millions of dollars away from Medicaid, prevent people with preexisting conditions from getting coverage, and overall make health care once again only accessible to the wealthy.

I’m enraged. The whole country should be enraged.

It doesn’t matter that the bill that was passed yesterday won’t be the bill that the Senate considers. It doesn’t matter that the bill still has 5 more steps before it becomes law. Yesterday, Republicans showed America, showed the world that profit matters more than our health. They showed that the wealthy are more deserving of healthcare than those who are trying to get by. They showed that was is good enough for them is not good enough for their constituents. And then, they celebrated.

I’m enraged.

So what am I going to do with this anger? How can I channel these feelings of rage, disappointment and helplessness?

I’m going to educate myself on how to better articulate my arguments and my values.

I’m going to put my money where my mouth is.

I’m going to encourage and cheer on everyone else who feels the same way that I do.

I’m going to fight to win.

For the moment, that means getting Rob Quist elected to the Montana at-large House seat. From there, it’s going to mean reading books like Don’t Think of an Elephant by George Lakoff, learning how to frame my progressive arguments and values. And I’m going to get others to read as well.

It’s time to come together. It’s time to start winning back our country.

One thought on “Channeling the Rage

  1. Ooooooh I really love this one. An authentic call to arms. Arms to reach for what matters, to wrap around each other, to raise our hands to say yes, to volunteer. To be counted on the right side of history. I so appreciate your passion-infused prose. It is the exact antidote to rage and hopelessness.


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