Push Your Comfort Zone

In my last post, I left you with the idea of pushing your comfort zone. This new life I have, one that doesn’t involve a traditional 8am-5pm job, pushes my comfort zone every day. Each morning, I wake up and set my priorities for the day, knowing that I alone am responsible for what I accomplish. I have no one watching over me, keeping me accountable. I’m two weeks in to this new world, and there have been days where this freedom has been exhilarating, and days that it’s almost been crippling. I’m learning to be comfortable again with myself, in my own skin, with my own thoughts and motivations. That’s part of the reason I’ve started writing again.

Another reason I’ve started writing is because I want to share my struggles and triumphs in being an engaged and active participant in this democracy. This is completely new to me, and very much outside of my comfort zone, as I’m sure it is new and uncomfortable for many others.

I recently stumbled upon an opportunity with my county Democrats that is going to push my comfort zone even more. I submitted my name for consideration to become a Precinct Committee Woman, and I’ll find out next week if I will take on this new responsibility. I’m not entirely sure what I’m getting myself into, to be perfectly honest. I think I will be canvassing in my neighborhood, sharing information on the upcoming special election and then mid-terms in 2018, and possibly even organizing fundraisers and rallies for Democrat candidates.

I decided to throw my name in the ring for this position because I’m worried about losing momentum. I’m worried that we’re already seeing a downturn in passion and outrage over actions by the Trump administration. I felt this position, getting involved with the local Democrats, was a way to continue to push myself and hold myself accountable in maintaining this marathon. Because that is what this is. It’s a marathon. And just like with any grueling activity, it takes training and pushing yourself beyond what you are comfortable with, beyond what you think you can do.

There are also times, in this marathon, that we made need to sprint, times where we must push so hard and so quickly that it may seem like a blur. For Montana, right now that sprint is the special election for our only seat in the U.S. House of Representatives. This sprint is only a little more than two months long, but the impact could be significant for both Montana and for the country.

So, I challenge you to think about how you can push yourself to something you aren’t comfortable with. I challenge you to go beyond what you think you can do. I challenge you to start your training for this democratic marathon, knowing the stakes are high and the rewards might not come to fruition for years (or even generations) to come.

In writing this post, an article came my way that speaks to the very heart of what I’m getting at. Rebecca Solnit, in the Guardian this week, wrote “Actions often ripple far beyond their immediate objective, and remembering this is reason to live by principle and act in hope that what you do matters, even when results are unlikely to be immediate or obvious.” She also reminds us that “You will have to believe in your own power and impact anyway.”

So, what will you do? What will you impact?

One thought on “Push Your Comfort Zone

  1. LOVE this post. I so appreciate your honesty about the uncomfortable aspects you experience. The issue of timing is so key! Sometimes we just have to push and act and stay completely engaged. Holding the thought of a Democratic win in Montana! So pleased that you are stepping up and in to this process!


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